Oak Creek Sales


Oak Creek Sales is a stone's throw from the intersection of Rt 329 and Bellevue Road in downtown Royal Oak, Md. Easily reachable from US Route 50, the journey weaves through beautiful and historic Talbot County.  We are located conveniently at a crossroads linking three of the more well-known communities on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Historic St. Michaels, also known as "The Towne that Fooled the British," is just five miles away. The same could be said of the sleepy sailing town of Oxford, except for the short ferry ride across the Tred Avon (oldest privately owned/operated ferry in the country). And, if you are in Royal Oak, you have already seen at least the outskirts of Easton, home of the world famous Waterfowl Festival.

Oak Creek Sales
PO Box 349
Royal Oak, MD 21662
open every day 11am to 5pm
phone 410 745-3193





These two sheds hold a variety of hardwood furniture both functional and attractive.


Sir Winston, guard dog and cat fancier extraordinnaire